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Does anyone know where I can find screencaps for Jack&Bobby?

Matt Long's new show 'The Deep End'

Dylan Hewitt is no Jack McCallister, but Matt's new role as a lawyer on ABC's The Deep End will hopefully get him the recognition his talents deserve. Jack did grow up to become an attorney, so I'm going to look at this as a sequel of sorts. Only this character probably won't have Christine Lahti as his mom.

The Deep End premieres on January 21st and, in addition to Matt, I'm most interested in seeing Billy Zane in action..."I hope you enjoy your time together!" I still only connect him to Titanic.

Nice to have you back on TV, Matt!


Watching the show

Not too much progress in 4 years...

If you're in the United States, you can watch every episode online for free at The WB's site. International viewers can watch the series on YouTube.

There's still a campaign going on to release the series on DVD. Feel free to vote for it at TVShowsOnDVD.com (need to create an account).

Article about Keri Lynn Pratt

Hey guys! Long time on see! Anyway, I was reading my f-list and came across an article about Keri Lynn Pratt. If you don't know the name, maybe you'll know the face. She was in Jack and Bobby and she played Jack's preppy girlfriend who went with his mom (I think) to go get an abortion. Anyway, it's a very interesting read so I hope you'll check it out. 

Here's the link":

Matt Long in a new movie.

Hey, guys. I'm new here. I've been a fan of hte show since it premiered, and watched this community but haven't join 'til now. Anyway, I come bearing gifts! For those fans of Matt Long, rumor has it he's in a new movie starring Amanda Bynes called Sydney White (and the Seven Dorks). Also, for Smallville fans here, the guy who plays Clark's adopted, late dad is in the movie playing Amanda's father. Go fig! Anyway, here's the trailer, that would be the one above the text. ;D

Brothers & Sisters

I don't know if anyone in this comm watches another Greg Berlanti vehicle, Brothers & Sisters, but some of its characters, as well as other "Berlanti actors," are making their way to Brothers & Sisters. One of the semi-main characters now on B&S is Senator Robert McCallister, who has an ex-wife named Courtney. He's running for president, too. He does have a brother, but the brother is named Jason, not Jack.

Other J&B alums on B&S: The chick who played Dex (Bobby's girlfriend) and Keri Lynn Pratt (Missy). Berlanti has also utilized his Everwood ties and cast several actors from that series on B&S as well, including Treat Williams (Andy Brown) and Emily VanCamp (Amy Abbott).
i am really really sorry if this is not allowed, but...

it's new but, i'm pretty sure that with everybody's collaboration it'll grow huge :)

Complete First Season!

I realize this show is quite old now, but my goodness--rewatching the series reminded me just how awesome this show really was. I am so, SO sad they cancelled it. :(

that being said, i do believe you can find the ENTIRE season 1 on www.torrentvalley.com. You obviously need bittorrent, but otherwise it should be easy enough to get. :-)

A new comm for Christine Lahti fans

Any Christine Lahti fans out there who are intersted in discussing her earlier incarnation as a non stoner doctor (but other than that, a very similar woman to her on Jack and Bobby), please join us at whipping_pants. It's a fun and snarky sandbox. Come play!